A Love-Hate Relationship with New York

In response to Not Just in the Movies:

I have several friends who live in New York and always sing its praises (though not always as eloquently as Jedediah).  They’re not all native New Yorkers either, so it’s not just hometown pride.  I’m originally from north Florida and I live in the DC metro area.  New York is about a three hour train ride.  A trip to New York is like a perennial New Year’s Eve.  There is so much pressure to have THE BEST TIME EVER.  I’ve stayed in nice hotels, stayed in a residential area, gone to a Broadway show and seen celebrities at Sardi’s, seen a taping of Saturday Night Live, did an early morning walk in Central Park, and did all the touristy things when I was a kid.  Still, I always leave feeling like it didn’t live up to the hype.  What am I doing wrong, New Yorkers?