Obama artful at voting present

In response to At UN, Obama Isn’t President, He’s ‘President’:

Obama has become the master of voting present over being President, even on the world stage. He’s not the smartest man in the room. In fact he fits the mold for most progressives. When their lack of logic meets reality which does not always have a definition that can fit between the covers of a text book they default to a perverted dualism. This maybe a great stand for French philosophers but not for presidents. Reality is lack of requisite experience, capability to understand, refusal to invite or take advice and adjust policy defines Obama. 

He is a tragic example of an individual who never advanced beyond Political Science 101. The study of political science is in the understanding of the inherent nature and its inconsistencies and therefore not truly a science. It is an ever evolving art. He seems to to be unwilling to, or never grasped this. 

In two or three days no one will remember his speech at the UN. Our allies and enemies will continue to act in their best interest even if not good interest of others, and we will be back to the rhetoric of DC and failed domestic policies. 

Grade the UN traffic clog in New York City an epic fail. The tragedy is played out after in far corners of the globe to the detriment of innocents.