The Cult of Obama

In response to The cult of government:

Even creepier than the cult of government is the cult of Obama as exemplified by a caller on CSPAN, today.

Via Twitchy:

These are the people who will loyally support their Messiah through all of his lies, flip flops and scandals because in their eyes, he’s incapable of doing wrong. 

They will allow their children to be used as miniature propagandists singing songs of praise to him. They will allow themselves and their children to be used as political props at Obama speeches. When Obama says their health care premiums will go down by 3000% they applaud wildly. When Obama gives a partisan speech while a mass shooting is unfolding only a few miles away from the White House, they think nothing of it. When Obama said the IRS targeting of conservatives was “outrageous”, and those responsible would “be held fully accountable”,  they swooned. When he said two months later that it was a phony scandal, they swooned. The Messiah knows all – he can do no wrong.

They’re not interested in hearing about his troublesome family background,  his radical associations, or his support for post abortion infanticide in the Illinois Senate. All they know is the great Obama narrative he has  so carefully cultivated – the God-like Obamessiah – who all must love or they’re dirty rotten racist fiends who are going to H-E-double toothpicks.

It’s kind of a scary situation. 


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