Activist Marries Tree

Activist Marries Tree

Love. It can be mysterious. Magical. Life affirming. For one environmental activist from Argentina, it’s all those things and more. Richard Torres, who’s also an actor, found his love – in a tree. To draw attention to global environmental concerns, Torres recently married his love – a tree. 

He walked down the aisle, placed symbolic offerings at the base of the tree before saying his vows and exchanging rings. He then gave his new bride a kiss and a lick to the joy of many romantic witnesses. And then – the bouquet toss which had to be handled in this case, by the groom, as the bride was…a tree. 

Torres says he intends to take his message of saving the environment to other Latin America countries. But no information was given as to whether his new bride would accompany him on that journey. 

He previously made headlines for a naked protest in 2012 where he used his naked body as a metaphor for harm done to a park. 

As for the consummating the marriage, it was reported but not confirmed that Torres entered a medical facility the morning after with what doctors said was the most severe case of chafing they had ever seen. 



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