Jay Carney: 20% Failure for HealthCare.gov Acceptable

Talk about defining success down. The White House is doing that very thing when it comes to their massive failure of a website.

White House spokesperson Jay Carney announced today that an 80% failure rate for HealthCare.gov would be considered acceptable …. at least for now.

Among the 20 percent who will not be able to sign up for the federal exchanges through the website, Carney said, will be some who are experiencing technical difficulties, delayed response times or website stability issues.

Bonus – that’s not even including those who opt out out of frustration, or for other reasons.

Other users may decide not to enroll on the website because they are not as familiar with signing up for products online, and some people whose family situation is “complex” may choose to call in their applications or go to an in-person walk-in center.