Schumer Seeks to Extend Ban on 3D Guns

The federal law that bans 3D guns is set to expire on December 9, and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is seeking an extension of the law. 

Schumer is alarmed that anyone with $1000 and access to the Internet can obtain plans to print their own gun.  Plastic guns cannot be detected by x-ray machines or metal detectors.  Joining the Schumer effort are Sen. Patrick Leahy and Sen. Bill Nelson.  

One blueprint to create a 3D gun was downloaded more than 100,000 times.  

“We are looking at a world in which anyone with a little bit of cash can bring an undetectable gun that can fire multiple bullets anywhere – including planes, government buildings, sporting events and schools,” Schumer said. “3-D printers are a miraculous technology that have the potential to revolutionize manufacturing, but we need to make sure they are not being used to make deadly, undetectable weapons. “


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