Five Years Later, Democrats Still Blame Bush

Nearly five years from the inauguration of President Obama an overwhelming majority of Democrats continue to blame George W. Bush for the nation’s economic troubles.

The Washington Post released the results of a new poll today. The results were mostly bad for the President but more mixed for people’s views on Obamacare. The poll also found that an overwhelming majority of Democrats have not given up on blaming President Bush for current economic problems:

Note the word current in the question. This is asking who is to blame for the conditions right now. By more than 4:1 Democrats say President Bush is at fault. By contrast, Republicans blamed Obama for the current situation 64-21.Among registered voters the results were 50-37 in favor of blaming Bushover Obama.

Is it possible that Dems will blame Bush for the sluggish economy right through to the inauguration of the next President? Assuming that person is also a Democrat, blaming Bush could conceivably extend until 2024.