Police Free 6 Year Old After He Cuffs Himself With Parents' Sex Toy

Police Free 6 Year Old After He Cuffs Himself With Parents' Sex Toy

In the sleepy little community of Hösbach, located in northwest Bavaria, one family gathered in a flat to celebrate New Year’s. But that celebration took an odd twist when a 6-year-old boy became bored with the festivities and began rummaging through his parents’ bedroom, where he discovered adults were actually far from boring. The boy found furry handcuffs (which are always nice for light fetish play without real discomfort or pain.)

According to police, the naturally curious youngster donned the furry cuffs only to find himself unable to remove them…his hands cuffed together.  Reportedly, the boy then returned to the party to show his parents what he had done and apparently what they are doing. The boy had cuffed himself so tightly and the key that accompanied the cuffs was missing so the parents decided to contact the proper authorities regarding matters of this nature.  

At 9:15 p.m., donning furry handcuffs, and accompanied by his mother and grandmother, the self-shackled boy entered Aschaffenburg-Hösbach police station where officers freed him using what police described as “special tools”.

According to police spokesperson, “”New Year’s was saved.” 

…and the therapy begins. 

Jon David Kahn is The Minister of Culture for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter. 


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