Woman's Toe Bitten Off After Making Pass At Other Woman At New Year's Eve Party

Woman's Toe Bitten Off After Making Pass At Other Woman At New Year's Eve Party

BOSTON – Dorchester police say a woman’s toe was bitten off during a fight at a raunchy New Year’s Eve party. According to Boston police spokeswoman, Nicole Grant, the victim told police the fight began when she approached a female party goer and asked if she wanted “hook up.” The female party goer’s boyfriend reportedly reacted badly to the suggestion, grabbing the victim’s neck and pulling her hair back. He eventually released her after she screamed at him to let go. 

And then things got even more strange….

The victim told police that she was shaken by the events and approached the host of the party to let her know what had happened. But rather than sympathy, the victim apparently invoked rage. She said the host accused of her of ruining the party and then proceeded to punch her. Guests had to separate the two women.   

But it didn’t stop there. The victim said she grabbed her belongings and left the house but the host of the party attacked her again outside, sending both women falling to the ground. Again, guests had to separate them. That’s when the victim said the host grabbed her left foot and bit off her little toe.

A friend drove her to the Boston Medical Center. At 5 a.m., officers received a call from the Medical Center to report an assault and battery. Grant confirmed there were scratches on the victim’s arms, forehead, and over her neck and chest. Grant said. Detectives are investigating the incident. 

Most immediately, they are investigating why the boyfriend reacted in such a manner.