Cops: Man Holds Up Gas Station…With a Fork

Cops: Man Holds Up Gas Station…With a Fork

BRISTOL, CT. – Members of the Bristol Police said they are looking for a man who robbed a Mobil on the Run early Sunday morning.  And he was armed….with a fork. 

Police say the clerk reported that a lone suspect entered store wielding the utensil just before 2:30 a.m. The suspect fled on foot after procuring an undetermined amount of money from the register. He was described as a white man with a scruffy beard, wearing a white hat with a green brim, a blue jacket, blue jeans and work boots.  He was also described as enjoying food. 

The Bristol Police Department is searching for a break in the case so if anybody has seen a suspicious looking man holding a fork, don’t be hero.  Just call the BPD at (860) 584-3011. 

The clerk will have to explain to his grandchildren why he buckled under the pressure of silverware. 

Photo: Reuters