Question of the Day: How Does One Oppose Abortion and Support Executions?


This morning National Journal writer Ron Fournier opened a big can of worms when he asked this question:

It always surprises me that otherwise intelligent people seem to struggle with the difference between abortion and capital punishment. Fortunately there were a swarm of people willing to take Fournier up on his offer to discuss the difference. Here are a few examples:

A couple of folks pointed out that the question is rarely turned around in the other direction:

Fournier responded to that one:

It really is a good question and the answer is yes. I jumped in to point out why:

Someone added some disturbing color to the figures:

There are of course some who choose to take a consistent view of the two issues:

Which is not the same thing as saying the cases are equivalent.

So nearly everyone, including those who oppose both abortion and capital punishment, see a clear difference between the two.

Guilt beyond a reasonable doubt vs. complete innocence.

Dozens vs. tens of thousands.

It’s one thing to suggest everyone should be consistent. It’s another to suggest the vast differences between capital punishment and abortion are obscure or difficult to fathom.


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