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Wendy Davis: nonsense with a side order of sanctimony


In response to Wendy Davis Blames Her Opponent for News Story Questioning Her Biography:

It’s fascinating to watch a pointless vanity candidacy come to a screeching halt like this.  I can hear the tires squealing all the way across the Gulf of Mexico.

I’m not surprised to see the Davis partisans descend into cuckoo conspiracy theories and commence shrieking that objective truth has now become an outrageous smear campaign.  What else was she going to do?  Admit she massaged the facts of her biography to concoct a useful political narrative, and apologize to the millions of struggling single moms she pulled her stolen-honor routine on?  “I realize most of you don’t swiftly land well-heeled husbands who put you up in a fine ‘historic’ house and cash out their 401k plans to put you through Harvard Law, but trust me, I understand exactly what you’re going through…”

She brought this on herself.  Nobody manipulated her into creating a fictional biography.  She did it because she doesn’t have much else to offer beyond wild-eyed abortion extremism, a taste for our era’s totalitarian politics (an angry mob shouting down votes is not exactly a “filibuster”) and blind appeals to partisan and gender loyalty.  It’s not exactly an inspiring resume to take over from Rick Perry and run the only state keeping Barack Obama’s lousy economy out of full-bore recession, or maybe even depression.

Identity politics is hardly a new phenomenon, but it’s getting increasingly pervasive, and silly.


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