The Most Clueless Person on the Internet

Richard Wolffe is the executive editor of MSNBC’s website. Presumably that means he knows something about what goes on at the network.

Last night after someone at MSNBC tweeted the suggestion that the “rightwing” would hate a Cheerios ad featuring a biracial families, there was an immediate firestorm of reaction. About 75 people responded to the #myrightwingbiracialfamily hashtag with photos. Hundreds more were sending comments to MSNBC.

In fairly short order MSNBC announced they had made an error:

About 15 minutes later, executive editor Richard Wolffe weighed in with a similar message:

Not who we are?

Around this time, Dan Riehl started tweeting items like this:

This went on for two hours. Two hours without any repetition. Perhaps Richard Wolffe’s statement about who MSNBC is was meant to be aspirational? Because if you look at their record and the string of high-profile apologies and firings it’s pretty clear who they are. You’d have to be the most clueless person on the internet to have missed it.


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