Paraplegic Steals Car From Dealership

Paraplegic Steals Car From Dealership

FLORIDA – Police say a paraplegic man attempted to upgrade his wheels on Wednesday by stealing a car from an Ocala dealership and then leading police on a chase through three counties. Ocala Police Department officers said Shamal Battice showed up at the Ford dealership with a desire to purchase a vehicle. 

Enter Ocala Ford salesman Anselmo “Chico” Barreto…excited to represent a dealership that boasts “the very best new and used car buying experience.” Happy to oblige, Anselmo “Chico”Barreto showed Battice to a white 2009 Pontiac G6 he had been eyeballing. He even assisted Battice into the car, according to police. But then, Battice allegedly locked the door, turned the ignition, placed a folding cane on the gas pedal and bolted out of the parking lot in his new white 2009 Pontiac G6…proving to the now jaded Anselmo “Chico” Barreto that no good deed goes unpunished. 

Police were notified and subsequently pursued the vehicle as far as the Alachua-Marion County line before relinquishing the chase to Alachua County officials who eventually decided to abandon the mission as well. 

After a bulletin was issued, Bradford County sheriff’s deputies spotted Battice at a gas station trying to refuel his new ride.  He was arrested and charged with driving while license is suspended or revoked. He could 
also face a charge of grand theft auto from law enforcement officials.

Anselmo “Chico” Barreto, said in an interview with the Star-Banner that he had previously sold cars to those with Battice’s condition so he saw no harm in letting him check it out. “Chico” even gave a bit of a play by play using so much detail, I challenge you to not imagine the scene.

He said he wanted to feel the seats so “Chico” said he let him touch them. 

He said he wanted to see how the car felt, so “Chico” said he let him go inside. 

Battice locked the doors, unfolded the cane and drove off, after which “Chico” said he was surprised. 

“It was unbelievable, only in the movies,” said Anselmo “Chico” Barreto. 

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