The al-Qaeda fib

In response to Clapper: Al-Qaeda Not Really ‘On the Run’:

I wonder if future generations may not have grim reasons to remember Obama’s endless prevarication on national security to be as significant as his Big Lie on health insurance.  

Sure, it’s grimly funny to hear a boob like James Clapper – the same guy who thought the Muslim Brotherhood was “largely secular” – blame the global resurgence of al-Qaeda on Edward Snowden, as Javier mentioned.  But you know, it’s only funny until the consequences arrive, with a body count.  

Barack Obama is dangerous.  His clumsy heavy-handed foreign policy, his tendency to put profoundly foolish people like John Kerry and Hillary Clinton into important positions – to say nothing of his penchant for selecting ambassadors who know absolutely nothing about the countries they’ll be representing us to – leaves us with unserious foreign policy in a serious era.  Obama seems to think he can deal with international crises using the same techniques that kept him politically viable within the United States, but bamboozling the Low Information Voters with the help of a 95% supportive, 80% slavishy devoted media is very different from fighting terrorist threats.

That’s what Benghazi was all about, really.  It was the same crap we saw with ObamaCare – lies, cover-ups, ridiculous lack of preparation or oversight, politics over practicality – and it got four people killed.  Obama handled the fallout almost exactly the same way he dealt with the ObamaCare launch catastrophe.  His whole Administration is a city full of kids stammering excuses about how the dog ate their homework.

It matters that al-Qaeda is not on the run, and everyone in this Administration knew it, but they fooled the American people into taking a pass when they had a chance to put a different team in charge.  It’s going to cost us.