Cops: Man Hit Girlfriend With Anger Management Book

Cops: Man Hit Girlfriend With Anger Management Book

Anger management doesn’t always work. Just ask 22-year-old Sheelah Thompson, who according to Spartanburg County deputies, was struck by her boyfriend with a rolled up anger management workbook during a fight Monday night at her apartment.

The deputy’s report tells an ugly story in which Thompson claims that her boyfriend, 23-year-old Tyler Ford strangled her, threaten to kill her repeatedly, put her phone in the oven to prevent her from calling 911 and “popped” their infant daughter two times on the legs because the child was crying. 

The trouble apparently began while the couple was watching a movie. According to deputies, Ford began questioning Thompson as to why she provokes him knowing that he’s currently enrolled in anger management class. The reports suggests that Thompson just shrugged, causing Ford to roll up his anger management workbook and strike her on the foot and cheek. 

What followed was pretty standard.  According to the report, she left the apartment but he called her back in so that neighbors wouldn’t call police. When she approached, she allegedly began hitting him.  He locked the door for a spell and when he opened it again, she allegedly began hitting him again. He then allegedly hit her. And she allegedly stabbed him with a box-cutter. 

Both were arrested. Thompson was charged with criminal domestic violence high and aggravated while Ford was charged with criminal domestic violence second offense.

An anger management workbook can be over 200 pages. 


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