DNC is Bad Mouthing Nate Silver

Last week former NY Times poll aggregator Nate Silver announced that Republicans were favored to win the Senate this year. That did not sit well with Democrats who rallied around Silver in 2012 when he predicted Obama’s reelection. Today, the DNC sent out a fundraising email suggesting Silver’s predictions aren’t all that reliable. Here’s what it looked like:

Here’s the text of the entire email (minus the Buzzfeed style photos):

Last week, Nate Silver released his model for the 2014 election, which said that Republicans are a slight favorite to win the U.S. Senate.

But just before that, Nate Silver released his NCAA Tournament model, which showed that Duke had a 92.9 percent chance of beating Mercer in the first round. And did you see how that turned out for the Blue Devils? Yeah, they lost.

Models are valuable, and they help us make a lot of strategic decisions. But they don’t determine our destiny, and they aren’t a substitute for hard work.

So if 34 people like you from Huntington Beach step up right now, before our first quarterly deadline of 2014, we can make sure that Nate Silver’s current math winds up looking a little silly in about seven months.

Chip in $10 or more before Monday:

The letter is signed by Matt Compton, Digital Director for the DNC.