Holder Obama and Sentencing Guidelines

I’m all for a review of sentencing guidelines but not blanket amnesty. Amnesty is a lazy way to pretend you have resolved the problem. 

There shouldn’t be a surprise here from President Obama who once stated that the Warren courts did not wander enough into social justice during the civil rights era of the 60’s. This is just one more cynical political ploy from Atty. Gen. Eric Holder and President Obama to the black community and beyond. 

The heavier use of crack a cheaper drug than it’s cocaine counterpart is the fault of those who used it in the black community or anyone who used it. Blanket amnesty does not solve the problem of the criminal’s behavior and many who served time become better criminals in jail. A review and any possible change in sentencing guidelines is reasonable but the due process at the most local level to determine who should be reduced or released should be left in place at the local level. 


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