Major Flip-Floppage on ObamaCare From Rep. Gary Peters in MI Senate Race

Until very recently, MI Congressman Gary Peters was one of ObamaCare’s biggest fans. In fact, only last year, he was still gushing about the unpopular, toxic law. 

But it was when it mattered most, before the law was passed, that Peters was at his most enthusiastic. At a townhall in August 2009, he was asked by some ObamaCare supporters why Democrats weren’t doing a better job of “defusing the right-wing agitators.”

“It’s important to get all the information out to people,” Peters answered. “It’s a complicated issue.”

It turned out to be such a complicated issue, the information he got out to the people, turned out to be, well – misinformation. 

He assured concerned citizens that illegal immigrants would not be covered under the law. Whoops.

He promised that Medicare benefits would not change. Whoops.

He claimed Congress wouldn’t be treated any differently than anyone else who has employer-covered insurance. Whoops.

And he also promised — wait for it — wait for it — “If you’re covered and you like your insurance, you can keep it.” WHOOPS!!!

He told a liberal crowd at an event in Harrisville, MI last August, that ObamaCare was an issue he “cared very deeply about” and get this –  he likes Obamacare more every time he reads it. 

“I actually got the bill, and read the bill. And the more I read it, the more I liked it,” Peters gushed. (Even, apparently the parts that have been delayed.)

Now that Rep Peters is in an uphill battle for the MI US Senate seat against Terri Lynn Land, he’s singing a different tune:

“The law is not perfect… I’ve never voted on a perfect law, never will vote on a perfect law, and so you have to go back and constantly refine it.”

Bless his heart.

It turns out,  54 percent of Michiganders oppose Obamacare. 

And the most recent poll shows Gary Peters trailing Terri Lynn Land by 6 points. 

Not to mention, on the fundraising front, Peters is being out raised by Land.

It would seem that Peters has a huge credibility deficit because blindly following a president who is dishonest and untrustworthy sort-of rubbed off on him. 

Using the Democrats’ patently absurd and dishonest “war on woman” narrative against Land will not help him recover from the lack of credibility he’s currently enjoying due to his past deceptions in service to Obama and his “signature health care law.”