Obama's phone must be disconnected, and his pen out of ink

In response to #MarineHeldInMexico :

It sure would be nice for President Pen-and-Phone to speak up in a few situations where he actually could make an immediate difference, without trampling on the Constitution.  Maybe that’s why he doesn’t say anything.  It’s no fun unless he can disrupt the separation of powers, make a government agency bigger, or turn the situation into a slam against his political enemies.

I’d also like to see President Obama use his fabled pen and phone to do something for Meriam Ibrahim, held prisoner by the barbarians of Sudan and just forced to give birth in chains.  I’m not talking about metaphorical chains, either.  She was literally shackled to the floor in a filthy dungeon cell while her baby daughter was delivered.  

That would be the daughter of U.S. citizen Daniel Wani.  I remember a time when Barack Obama and his flock had a deep interest in the citizenship status of people born to couples including one U.S. citizen.  Mr. Wani’s 20-month old son is locked up right alongside his mother and his new baby sister.  

Ms. Ibrahmi languishes in a rat-infested jail for the crime of being Christian, having been born to a Muslim father she barely remembers.  Her husband is hopeful that her sentence of death by hanging for apostasy (right after she gets whipped a hundred times) might be overturned after the international outcry… but it’s absolutely no thanks to King Putt and his bloated, inert mega-government, which is deeply concerned with providing concierge service to illegal aliens who might become a decisive Democrat voting bloc, but has little to say to a legal immigrant who needed help getting his wife out of deadly danger.  

Hopefully Meriam Ibrahim and Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi will soon be safe on American soil, comparing notes about the accommodations at Sudanese versus Mexican dungeons, and the quality of the complimentary beatings.   Here’s a taste of what Tahmooressi told Greta van Susteren he got after he feared for his life and tried to escape:

After his escape attempt was thwarted, Tahmooressi said his experience got worse. He said the guards at the Mexican prison hit him multiple times in the face and stomach, until he was “gasping for air.”

Tahmooressi said they also struck him so many times in the jaw he felt it go out of place. They also pressed him against the fence, stepped on his feet and called him names.

Tahmooressi said he was also stripped naked and chained to a bed, with his feet on one end and his hands on another. He said he could only stand for a while, but eventually figured out how to sleep with his head on his knees.

The Marine told Van Susteren he believes he received this treatment as a punishment, and eventually began fearing not only for himself, but for his loved ones.

“I was afraid,” he said. “I was afraid for my family because I thought, you know these guys they  wanted to harm me and that they were talking to the guards, that they were going to try and get information from the guards about the whereabouts of where my family was.” 

This is apparently cool with Barack Obama, who couldn’t wait to weigh in on George Zimmerman’s murder trial, but has nothing to say about the suspicious incarceration and savage abuse of a U.S. Marine.  The Administration that pumped thousands of guns into Mexico does not stir itself to help a man who accidentally brought three firearms across the border.  Mexico encourages its people to violate American law, and Obama stands ready to reward them for doing so, but it’s zero tolerance for an American who inadvertently violates Mexican law… in part because Mexico is angry that Texas dared to execute a Mexican murderer and rapist.

The President of the United States should be able to settle this with one phone call to the rickety Mexican government.  He could save Meriam Ibrahim with a stroke of his mighty pen.  Sort of puts all that windy nonsense about American prestige Obama was just peddling to the West Point cadets in perspective, doesn’t it?


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