E! Network Sides with Ginsburg, Alienates Viewers

E! Network Sides with Ginsburg, Alienates Viewers

E!, an entertainment network on cable best known for giving the Kardashians show after show, waded into the recent SCOTUS news with this tweet.

A Twitter follower responded:

E! wasn’t ashamed of their political bias.

Unfortunately, there are millions of Americans who do follow E! for their “news.”  As Andrew Breitbart always said, it’s about the culture.  He also said that the entertainment industry (and many West Coasters in general) have default positions.  It’s not that they’ve researched the issues and decided to be liberals, but that they’ve only come into contact with liberals their entire lives.  I’m sure it didn’t even occur to E!’s Twitter jockey that not all readers would agree with an article that makes false claims about the SCOTUS case.

We can’t ignore these networks and other entertainment-based outlets just because they report on what some may consider frivolous things.  Rather than demean them, we should encourage writers, reporters, and anyone else interested in the entertainment industry to infiltrate these outlets rather than go to DC when they graduate and work for a conservative media outlet.  The only way we can start bringing the conservative viewpoint to the masses is by getting a seat at the table.  At some point, we need to put involvement in the pop culture above overt political activism.