Senate Homeland Security Committee Holding Hearing on DC Statehood

What with the on going rise in Islamic extremism, including ISIS and as new information conties to break regarding past events in Benghazi, the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee has decided to take up something extremely important to fulfill a promise made a year ago by Democrat committee chair Sen Tom Carper of Delaware.

The Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee is slated to hold a hearing next Monday to discuss statehood for the District of Columbia.
Committee Chairman Tom Carper (D-Del.) will lead the hearing that had been promised for more than a year.

Sixteen Democrats have signed on as sponsors of a bill to make it happen, while 99 Democrats in the House are behind a similar measure.

Last year, the White House began using the District’s “taxation without representation” license plates on the president’s motorcade. 

The New Columbia Admission Act, introduced by Carper last year, would set up procedures for the district to hold elections for two senators and a House representative, among other steps to become a state.


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