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Harry Reid: I'm Running For Leader Again

Harry Reid: I'm Running For Leader Again

“I’m not doing hypotheticals if we lose, because I don’t think we are [going to lose the Senate],” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said before he affirmed to reporters on Tuesday he would be running for leader of his caucus again. 

Reid was peppered with questions on Tuesday about the future of the Democratic Party’s agenda if the Democrats lost the upper chamber. When asked if he felt his party’s majority was “slipping away” he simply responded, “no.”

The Nevada Democrat later explained, “No. If the election were today, we would be just fine. The election’s not today. It’s 48 days away.”

Should the GOP get the majority, could Obamacare be repealed by a reconciliation vote? Reid responded, “I’m not speculating on a Republican majority. Everyone, the press has been very favorable in the last week or so. It’s getting better every day. As you see in the political story yesterday, the Koch brothers are — decided not to spend more money in Colorado, I think Michigan and one other state. We’re doing fine. And I just think any talk about the Republicans taking control of the Senate is really premature and not faced upon fact.”

Senator Reid, appearing confident his most vulnerable Democrats will okay in November and he will return in January as Majority Leader again said:


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