Jennifer Lopez Proves Libertinism Is Repulsive, Not Sexy

Jennifer Lopez Proves Libertinism Is Repulsive, Not Sexy

For my money, Jennifer Lopez is one of the most beautiful women currently walking the planet. At 45, she is better looking now than she has ever been. With the exception of “Shall We Dance” in 2004, Lopez hasn’t made a decent movie since 1998’s “Out of Sight,” and her music is too tinny and programmed to be memorable. Despite that, whether it’s a movie or music video, like Raquel Welch and Angie Dickinson before her, I’ve never gotten tired of looking at Lopez.

Until now:

Maybe it improves after the two-minute mark. I couldn’t finish it.

Libertinism is the opposite of sexy and erotic. It’s ugly and degrading. 

Apparently, this is only envelope left for popular culture to push.  

It’s also another reminder that feminism was a gift to men who see women as nothing more than hunks of meat created for their sick pleasure.


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