Ebola Scare In Kansas City

At about 9:30  Saturday night, a Kansas City apartment building was sealed off as a seriously ill person was taken to Research Medical Center for treatment.  A source close to the situation said “all or part of the medical facility was then quarantined.” 

According to KCTV-5, the Kansas City Health Department is monitoring the patient who may have contracted a contagious virus. At this point, health officials are saying Ebola is unlikely,.

Spokesman Jeff Hershberger said it is extremely unlikely that this person has Ebola because of their travel history and lack of symptoms. It is unknown at this time what the patient is suffering from or if anyone else is sick.
 Gateway Pundit is reporting that the patient is a Nigerian woman who became ill with Ebola-like symptoms. 


Via KSHB -41, Dr. Rex Archer, director of Health at the Kansas City Health Department said, “this person was supposedly in Nigeria and had come here from there but we have no evidence that they were actually where any of the other cases were.” 

The patient had a 102-degree fever on Saturday night.

Nigeria has only had 20 cases of Ebola during the current outbreak according to the CDC.


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