Another ObamaCare Critic Targeted By IRS

The producer of a movie that criticizes Obamacare is being slapped with an IRS audit and he suspects that the invasive probe is politically motivated.

Via the Washington Times:

Logan Clements, producer of “Sick and Sicker: ObamaCare Canadian Style,” announced via press release Tuesday that he is being audited for the first time ever.
“I had never been audited before I made this movie,” he says in a YouTube video. “There seems to be a pattern here.”

The news comes one month after the conservative Breitbart News announced that it, too, was being audited and that the action was probably politically motivated.

The trailer for the movie can be seen, here.

Mr. Clements said the IRS is demanding a “long list” of documents, including “a detailed description of all transactions related to all prior year returns and supporting documentation.”

It became apparent that the IRS was targeting prominent ObamaCare critics, last year, when Dr. Ben Carson, cancer patient Bill Elliott, and insurance broker C. Steven Tucker, were all slapped with audits after speaking out against the law. 

Correction: The trailer for the movie Sick and Sicker was made in 2010 – but the movie is scheduled to premiere on November 4, 2014.


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