To Sir Charles Barkley et al., Blacks Need to Use a Mirror

To Sir Charles Barkley et al., Blacks Need to Use a Mirror

Bill Cosby, Charles Barkley, many of us who have black skin and a public platform have tried. Today blacks of all ages and both genders need to try to solve their problems rather than cast blame on others. 

Charles Barkley Slams ‘Unintelligent,’ ‘Brainwashed’ Black People for Holding Successful Ones Back (Audio)

In my personal experience over 3 decades and anecdotally from many others, black or otherwise I have seen this phenomenon of “not black enough.” What determines who is black enough is a false argument propped up by the race grievance crowd to justify mediocrity or failure instead of striving for success. After the voting and civil rights act the slide to dependency and then blame society meme began to take hold and has now become too often the norm. There was a time when black parents and grandparents worked hard to make a better future. This was largely due to the struggle for equal rights. Many still do, but not enough. 

Slavery is over. No blacks alive today were slaves in America. If they were it is illegal and there’s a remedy for that. Remember accurately, but do not be a slave to history. 

Granted, issues in the black community as in others are complex, but it is time to look in the mirror for a way forward. Start by grasping the opportunities that exist in America and redefining success. Not everyone can achieve the same level. Success is not ‘street cred’ but a life that has significant credit in the form of personal success. Envy must be cast aside for a struggle to grow using each ‘black’ person’s talents. Look at the many examples of other ethnicities that have come to America and seized opportunities to become successful. Don’t envy, emulate and achieve your measure of personal success. 


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