House GOP Announce Dec 3 Hearing To Probe Obama’s Immigration Edict

House Republicans are vowing to take every step they can to fight the president’s unlawful executive edict on immigration. One of their first shots will come in the form of a House Homeland Security hearing on December 3 when the committee will ask Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson how the reduction in deportations will affect border security.

Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Texas promised to use “every tool” at his disposal to fight the president’s unconstitutional actions from being implemented. 

“Sec. Johnson will have the opportunity to answer the American people’s questions, including how DHS will secure our border and prevent additional illegal immigration,” McCaul said.

McCaul also announced on Friday that a border security bill would be one of the first actions of the new Congress.

McCaul said the legislation would be part of a “constructive” response to President Obama’s actions on immigration that would avoid a government shutdown. 

“I think one of the first bills you’ll see out of the box in the new Congress will be my border security bill,” McCaul said on Fox News. “Because until we get the security piece done, you really can’t talk intelligently about immigration reform as long as waves of illegals are coming in the country.”

McCaul told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum that he recently spoke to a “high level official” at the State Department, who expressed concern that traffickers will message the executive edict in such a way that we’ll see another influx of Central American immigrants “like we saw last summer.”

He went on to say that “what the president is doing is a threat to Democracy itself by going against the will of the American people, circumventing Congress, and not working with Congress to get this done.”


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