Communist Dictators ReallyDon’t Like Senator Rubio

  Florida Senator Marco Rubio had a very bad weekend, this after Nicaragua’s communist dictator Daniel Ortega told Costa Rica’s Tico Times that Rubio, and one of his partners in political crime, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, would be banned from visiting his country.

 Ortega, who is the leader of his political party, the socialist Sandinista National Liberation Front, took issue with Rubio and Ros-Lehtinen for voting in favor of passing legislation in the U.S. Congress, that imposed strict sanctions against members of the Maduro regime in Venezuela.

 “Just like they [U.S. officials] have their lists, we can make our own lists in Latin America of those who shouldn’t enter our country,” Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, via told Costa Rica-based Tico Times.

 The bill passed, and now awaits President Obama’s signature.

 Oh, let’s not hold our breath waiting for Obama to sign the bill into law, considering that Obama had, and still has the opportunity to unilaterally impose sanctions on Maduro’s regime, if he wanted to

 Ortega and Venezuela’s strong-man, Nicholas Maduro, who much like his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, are cut from the same socialist political cloth.

 In case you have been sleeping under some Guava tree, and not paying too much attention to what has been going on in Venezuela, President Nicholas Maduro has been stomping on, incarcerating, and killing his own people for espousing their opinions and opposition to his brutal Chavista regime.

 Since Rubio has taken up the #SOSVenezuela campaign against Maduro a bevy of politicians, both from the Democrat and Republican parties, have jumped on his bandwagon to condemn the human rights violations being committed by the Maduro regime.

 Maduro, who obviously does not like Rubio for effectively exposing his regime’s brutality against his own people, once even referred to Rubio as “el loco de los locos,” or the crazy of the crazies.

 Maduro must have taken notes from Arizona Senator John McCain, who once referred to Senators Rubio, Ted Cruz,  Rand Paul, as being “Wacko Birds.”

 But who is really the crazy one here, Rubio or Maduro?

 Remember, Maduro recently said that the very dead Hugo Chavez appeared to him in the form of a little bird, and spoke sweet socialist nothings in his ear.

 Talk about being a “Wacko Bird,” this guy actually claims to converse with those fine-feathered amigos.