Texas Candidates Attacked by George Soros-Funded Group and Dallas Morning News

Texas Candidates Attacked by George Soros-Funded Group and Dallas Morning News

TEXAS–The Dallas Morning News published a piece on February 26, 2014 attempting to cast a negative light on conservative Texas legislators. Six days before the March 4th primary, the article claimed four Republican elected officials, including Ken Paxton who is a candidate for Texas Attorney General and Wayne Christian who is running for Texas Railroad Commission, lost a collective $2.5 million in an energy trading scheme.  The lead commentator in the piece is Andrew Wheat, research director of the Texans for Public Justice.

It doesnt surprise me that were having people running this state who have poor judgment and are falling for this stuff,said Andrew Wheat, research director for Texans for Public Justice, a nonprofit group that tracks campaign donations. I wouldnt want these guys running the state. It looks like they found Noahs Ark and it sunk.

“A nonprofit group that tracks campaign donations” sounds like a worthy cause on the surface, but upon reading Wheat’s liberal bias, Breitbart Texas decided to look into who is behind Texans for Public Justice. According to their website, they happily receive funding from the following organizations:

Tides Foundation: Through the 1980s, Tides grew slowly as we defined our role as a values based infrastructure service for progressive nonprofit work.

Open Society Foundation: George Soros FOUNDER / CHAIRMAN

Investor and philanthropist George Soros established the Open Society Foundations to help countries make the transition from communism.

Rockefeller Family Fund: RFF has worked at the cutting edge of advocacy in such areas as environmental protection, advancing the economic rights of women, and helping citizens hold public and private institutions accountable for their actions.

Stern Family Fund: “Foundations [typically] become almost more interested in their own preservation than in doing the social change work they were set up to do.” David Stern is also a member of Equal Justice Works, a public interest law organization representing myriad leftist organizations.

Solidago Foundation: Our mission is to promote justice, equity, sustainability and enfranchisement for all through charitable grantmaking to, and work with, progressive, empowering, community-based organizations and collaborations.

Proteus FundOur work advances issues at the leading edge of democracy and social change.

The Ottinger Foundation: Mr. Ottinger has served for several years as chair of the Ottinger Foundation, which seeks to promote economic security for working families and civic participation by minority and low-income communities.  Prior to joining the Fannie Mae Foundation, Mr. Ottinger spent ten years as a constitutional and civil rights lawyers with the national non-profit organization People For the American Way…

The Ottinger Foundation, a small New York-based family foundation that supports work in the areas of economic justice, civic participation and environmental justice. 

Magnolia Charitable Trust: The Magnolia Trust was a small, limited-term family foundation which supported non-profit groups working to protect habitat and wildlife in Texas, as well as other environmental topics selected by the trustees.   After operating for 12 years, the Trust has completed its work and has shut down.  No future grants will be made.

The Arca Foundation: The Arca Foundation is dedicated to advancing social equity and justice, particularly given the growing disparities in our world.

George Soros, social justice, Fannie Mae, progressive, environmental justice – all factors indicative of a group hostile to conservatives.  The Dallas Morning News has a history of liberal bias, as recently as providing as much cover as possible to Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis who “blurred” facts in her personal narrative that directly and positively affected her campaigns. 

As Battleground Texas and liberals seek to turn Texas blue, it is not surprising these attacks surface just before a primary.  What is surprising, however, is to see Republican candidates so quick to tout the attacks of the Dallas Morning News and its Soros-funded “expert” Andrew Wheat:

Jared Craighead is the campaign manager for Barry Smitherman, Paxton’s opponent in the race for Attorney General; Jefferson R. Thomas is Smitherman’s political director.  Also named in the DMN article is candidate for Railroad Commission Wayne Christian, State Representative Bill Zedler (House District 96), and State Representative Phil King (House District 61).

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