Texas Tea Parties' Candidate Stovall Files Federal Complaints Against Rep. Stockman

Texas Tea Parties' Candidate Stovall Files Federal Complaints Against Rep. Stockman

Senator Cornyn primary contender Dwayne Stovall says he has filed two Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaints seeking investigation into what Stovall alleges are Texas Congressman Steve Stockman’s violations of campaign finance laws through alleged coordination with third party organizations. The Stovall campaign charged that Rep. Stockman directly coordinated with two groups–Asian Republicans of Harris County and the Center for the American Future. 

Both Stovall complaints attempt to tie the Steve Stockman campaign for U.S. Senate to the third party groups in alleged “coordination” through a collection of what the Stovall complaints generally describe as questionable employment histories, mystery mailers and an alleged commingled campaign donation scheme.

Stovall demanded investigation into Rep. Stockman’s alleged ties with an IRS-designated 501(c)(4) nonprofit, Center for the American Future, an entity managed by former Stockman treasurer Jason Posey. The Center was recently reported by Breitbart Texas of having distributed what seemed to be mock conservative newspapers attacking Senator Cornyn without what are believed to be federally-required disclosures that the mailings were seemingly express advocacy expenditures in favor of Stockman.

The Stovall complaint raises attention to a more damaging charge, potentially evidencing what seem to be coordinated fundraising efforts with the Center. The complaint alleges that credit card transaction files were easily accessible on the Center’s website, offering logs of online donations that the complaint mentions “Stockman for Senate 2014 Donation.”

In the case of Asian Republicans of Harris County, Breitbart Texas reported that a number of mysterious mailers–seemingly directed at ethnic Asian voters–began to surface supporting Rep. Stockman’s bid to unseat Senator Cornyn. According to the Stovall complaint, the mailers did not mention the designated treasurer as the complaint asserts are required by campaign finance law. A web address for the organization was printed on the mailers, but the identifying information for the entity managing the site was withheld. Stovall asserted that Asian Republicans of Harris County was not registered with either the FEC or the Texas Ethics Commission. Stovall argued “therefore it is clear” Stockman utilized the mystery “shell organization” and demanded the FEC investigate Rep. Stockman.

With the March 4 GOP Primary rapidly approaching, Stovall’s complaints may not lead to immediate action from the FEC, barring emergency procedures taken in Washington. The complaint will, however, reinforce an ongoing narrative of Rep. Stockman’s alleged questionable campaign tactics–an issue that Senator Cornyn allies and an array of Texas tea party groups have been quick to remind voters.

Dwayne Stovall remains a grassroots underdog in an eight-way Republican primary for the U.S. Senate seat originally occupied by Sam Houston. Recent polling indicates Stovall trailing behind Senator Cornyn and Congressman Stockman with roughly 5% support, given a 5 percent margin of error.  

Draft complaints were made available to Breitbart Texas.

FECComplaint Caf-Stovall by BreitbartTexas

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