Exclusive Interview: Greg Abbott Prepares to Fight for Texas

Exclusive Interview: Greg Abbott Prepares to Fight for Texas

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS–In an exclusive interview with Breitbart Texas, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott talks about his nomination by the Republican Party to run in the 2014 General Election against Texas State Senator Wendy Davis in November. “I am honored to be the nominee for the Republican Party,” Gen. Abbott expressed.

“I am very grateful,” Abbott continued, “to Republicans across the state for their very very strong support.”

“I think we are very unified as a team,” Abbott explained. “We all realize the challenge we face about the Obama Administration trying to come into Texas, trying to hijack Texas, trying to elect Wendy Davis. But we know that with the outpouring of support that we have from the Republicans, that we will keep Texas red.”

Abbott then spoke about his goals for the campaign leading to the general election in November. Abbott explained that first he must “lay out the vision for all Texans for what we want to achieve.”

“We want to remind Texans that Texas is the best in the nation at creating jobs, and as governor, I will continue that,” Abbott explained. “But we also need to address the challenges that we face. We need to work on improving our schools; work on improving the infrastructure that we have; work on making sure that we do secure our border and deal with growing gang-related crime.”

“So we will make Texas a safer, more prosperous place where kids are better educated,” he continued. “The second thing we will do is remind people about the huge contrast between myself and Wendy Davis. Wendy Davis’ campaign is run by Barrack Obama operatives. Her campaign and Wendy Davis are trying to turn Texas into a version of Barrack Obama’s vision.  We cannot have that happen.  If we lose Texas, we lose America. So this is the time for all Texans to come together and keep Texas the great place that it is by joining with me and helping me get elected next November.”

Responding to a question from Breitbart Texas about transportation, Abbott explained his goals. “I going to add four to five billion dollars a year to building out more roads in the state of Texas to get people moving without raising a single penny in taxes, fees or tolls,” Abbott explained. “The way that we do that is first have truth in government.  Currently there’s a billion dollars a year that’s intended to be spent on transportation – building roads – that’s being used for altogether different purposes.  We will take that money. We will spend it on building out roads.”

“Second is,” Abbott continued, “already when we go buy a car, truck or other vehicle, they’re paying a sales tax. That money’s not being used to build roads that those cars are driving on.  It’s being used for other things. I will dedicate a part of that to building roads.”

“And the third thing is,” he concluded, “there is a transportation proposition on the ballot this November. Those three things, going together, will add the resources we need to build and improve the roads we have in Texas.

As Attorney General of Texas, Abbott has been very active against pursuing crimes against women.  Most noticeably human trafficking crimes and domestic violence.  Abbott explained how he would address these issues as governor.

“If you look at all that I have done,” Abbott explained, “You’ll see an unprecedented effort to protect women from being harmed either physically or economically.”

“I created a new unit,” he continued, “called the fugitive unit where we go out and track down sex offenders. And we’ve arrested thousands of them, getting them off the streets. We came up with a new program for going after those who are involved in human trafficking which prays upon women and even young girls, some as young as twelve years old. And we’re getting them off the street.”

“We have these programs that protect women from domestic violence,” Abbott concluded. “And so, it’s program after program after program. But it’s also helping them put their lives back together and go on and achieve greater economic prosperity and we will continue that effort during my tenure as governor.”

Abbott also addressed the federal court lawsuit where Federal Judge Orlando Garcia, brother-in-law of Democrat Lt. Gov. nominee, State Sen. Leticia Van De Putte, overturned Texas’s Constitutional Amendment that banned gay marriages in Texas.

Abbott expressed confidence the Fifth Circuit appeals court would overturn the judge’s ruling setting up a hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court.  More details are explained in the entire video interview with Breitbart Texas.

Abbott will now move forward to face Sen. Wendy Davis in the November 4th general election.

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