IRS-Targeted Groups from Texas React to Lois Lerner's Continued Silence

IRS-Targeted Groups from Texas React to Lois Lerner's Continued Silence

TEXAS–Tea party and conservative advocacy groups targeted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) registered great frustration with former official Lois Lerner as she continued to remain silent on Capitol Hill today.

“We just want the truth about what Ms. Lerner knew and when she knew it,” Waco Tea Party President Toby Marie Walker said today in a statement emailed to Breitbart Texas.

Waco and four other Texas organizations continue to litigate against the IRS and Ms. Lerner in D.C. District Court. The Waco Tea Party comes before the court as a plaintiff having received 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status after “significant IRS delay.”

“The IRS’s actions against us has caused real harm to our organization and each of us personally, someone must be held accountable,” Walker added.

Houston-based King Street Patriots and True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht echoed the sentiment and offered personal perspective on today’s events.

“When an alphabet soup of government agencies descended on and investigated me and my family, I didn’t have the option of doing what Lerner did today,” Engelbrecht said in a release. “Lerner’s decision delays disclosure of the IRS scandal, and therefore is a setback to the American people having a solution to the administration’s abuse of citizens.”

True the Vote is currently in federal court against the IRS separately, having finally received 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status as an early result of the case in September 2013.  

The Allen Area Patriots, NE Tarrant, San Antonio and Arlington Tea Parties are co-plaintiffs with the Waco Tea Party. The D.C. District Court has yet to opine on the Department of Justice’s attempts to dismiss both lawsuits at this time.

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