Texas Tea Party Leaders React to DOJ's Unwillingness to Prosecute IRS

Texas Tea Party Leaders React to DOJ's Unwillingness to Prosecute IRS

HOUSTON, TEXAS–Tea Party leaders from across the state registered outrage to Breitbart Texas following the release of a U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) letter denying the request of Senator Ted Cruz for a special prosecutor in the IRS scandal. But despite their anger, a number of leaders see cause for hope in the near future.

“Of course they blocked the assignment of a special prosecutor — the DOJ doesn’t intend to prosecute,” Houston-based King Street Patriots founder Catherine Engelbrecht told Breitbart Texas in an email statement. “The DOJ exists to protect the political interests of the Democrat party. Anything, anyone, who gets in the way, will be stopped.”

Engelbrecht, founder of two nonprofit organizations, sought tax-exemptions in 2010 and was later forced to file a lawsuit against the IRS to compel action on her applications shortly after the IRS targeting scheme was announced. She recently testified before Congress, detailing her experiences with multiple federal agencies prodding her various personal and business affairs throughout the IRS targeting period.

Toby Marie Walker of the Waco Tea Party was disappointed with the DOJ’s response, but was grateful for Senator Ted Cruz and Texas Congressman Bill Flores’ continued leadership on Capitol Hill.

“Cruz and Rep. Flores have been very concerned and vocal. I’m glad that Cruz is advocating on the issue in the Senate and we appreciate everything Rep. Flores has done in the House. Rep. Flores is an unsung hero in this issue,” Walker told Breitbart Texas. “[Rep. Flores] was the first Congressman to write to the IRS in 2012. We would not be here without Flores’ work in 2012.”

NE Tarrant Tea Party‘s Julie McCarty echoed frustrations from fellow leaders, but saw a silver lining.

“This Administration will not be in power forever, and therefore this Administration cannot protect [the IRS] forever,” McCarty told Breitbart Texas. “There will be justice.  I have faith in the people of this country to see this through.”

Both Waco and NE Tarrant Tea Parties join a number of co-plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the IRS recently reported by Breitbart Texas. Despite considerable assistance from legal foundations like the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), some groups continue to struggle financially despite tax-exempt statuses being granted.

The Waco Tea Party continues to experience funding difficulties due to miscellaneous legal expenses and IRS compliance costs. They intend to embrace more engaging fundraising and outreach strategies to help keep operational costs under control. Walker informed Breitbart Texas of plans to host a “Drone Shoot” in June to help raise awareness for their cause.

Despite the rejection, Senator Cruz’s office remained defiant in an earlier statement to Breitbart Texas.

“It is going to take the grassroots across the nation, as well as other members of Congress, to hold this administration accountable. This is an issue [Cruz] will continue to shine a light on.”

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