Lubbock Candidate: Tea Party 'Rabid,' Ted Cruz Leading 'Crazies'

Lubbock Candidate: Tea Party 'Rabid,' Ted Cruz Leading 'Crazies'

Despite Lubbock’s reputation as a bastion of conservatism, city council candidate Dr. Brian Carr is challenging Councilwoman Karen Gibson on a seemingly foreign pro-gun control, anti-Tea Party platform.

Carr is currently the Chairman of the Lubbock Board of Health and has kept a blog on the Lubbock Avalanche Journal’s website since 2011. Carr has written numerous times about the Tea Party and conservatives and even Senator Ted Cruz. In his writings, Carr refers to the “rabid tea party” and Senator Ted Cruz leading the “Charge of the Crazies”.

In December of 2013, Carr wrote about the Second Amendment–citing his love for collecting and enjoying firearms, but then wrote that he would separate himself from those on the “extreme right” who don’t approve of any gun legislation in Washington or Austin.

Carr wrote that he would support a number of gun control policies such as banning large capacity magazines; creation of a national database; banning carrying firearms on campus; monitoring the sale of large quantities of ammunition; banning the sale of ammunition online; and a perennial favorite–closing the gun-show loophole.

Despite the fact that such policies are meted out on the federal and state levels, Second Amendment issues have played a part locally in recent years–such as gun shows. Democratic candidate for Governor Wendy Davis claims she supports the Second Amendment, yet when she was a member of the Ft. Worth City Council she attempted to impose restrictions on gun shows, according to the Texas Tribune.

Local elections are important and it’s crucial to not only listen to what the candidates say now, but what they have said or written in the past. Organizations are committed to turning Texas blue, but not just in Austin. For Battleground Texas, it also means your City Hall.

As Battleground Texas wrote on their first anniversary: “Like the Republicans, we know that as the Texas electorate more reflects the Texas population, Texans’ government will more reflect Texans’ shared, progressive values…  Battleground Texas will use the data-driven, people-focused approach that helped win grassroots campaigns throughout the country to turn the Lone Star State into a battleground where all elections — from City Council to the White House — are hotly contested.”

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