Texas Boy Scouts: BLM Eyeing Our Camp (Video)

Texas Boy Scouts: BLM Eyeing Our Camp (Video)

WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS–With the focus on the possible loss of property held for generations of ranchland owners in north Texas, others who might also be affected by the BLM’s Red River Land Grab could be overlooked. During a meeting with Texas State Senator Craig Estes (R-Wichita Falls), Breitbart Texas learned that land owned by the Northwest Texas Council of the Boy Scouts of America is also reportedly being targeted by the BLM land management study. Boy Scout Council President, Wayne Mansur, sat down with Breitbart Texas to explain what his organization and the young people he serves are facing.

The Boy Scouts own a 400 acre tract of land along the Red River known as Camp Perkins. Mansur has learned that 170 acres of the land is now included in the BLM’s land management study and could be lost to their use.

“If they took what we call our field area,” Mansur explained, “the lower portion of our camp, it would shut it down.”

“That is our outdoor classroom,” Mansur continued. “That’s where we take young boys to teach them about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).”

Part of the land is used for firearms training.  But more than just shooting guns, Mansur explained how they use the activity to each the boys about the science and technology involve in firearms.

“If the BLM were to shut that down and retake that land that they claim, for whatever reason, belongs to them, we would have to shut down the camp,” Mansur stated. “We would have to look for a camp somewhere else.  And, there is no better place to have a camp than where we have it now, and have had it since about 1924.”

“If the federal government thinks they own this,” Mansur said, “I wish they would have told us that back in 1924.”

Mansur also asked, “Federal government, if you get it back, what are you going to do with it? What better use of a facility than to teach the youth how to be trustworthy, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, thrifty, clean, brave and reverent? Why would we want to eliminate a classroom to teach kids to become corporate citizens, good fathers and good husbands? This is a beautiful place to teach our kids these things.”

In the video interview with Breitbart Texas below, Mansur explains the history of Camp Perkins and what they have done with the land.  Camp Perkins, according to Mansur, serves about 2,000 boys from the Northwest Texas Council annually. Additionally, the camp is also used by Scouts from the Abilene Texas Council and the Duncan Oklahoma Council.  The camp is also used by Camp Fire and Casa groups for educational activities.

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