Texas: Father-Daughter Bank Robbery Duo Headed to Prison

Texas: Father-Daughter Bank Robbery Duo Headed to Prison

LUBBOCK, Texas–A father and daughter team of bank robbers have been sentenced in Dallas, Texas for their roles in three Texas bank robberies. Court documents obtained by Breitbart Texas reveal that John Applewhite (50) and his daughter, Shelby Dawn Applewhite (23), will now serve multiple years behind bars for their roles in the armed robberies.

The U.S. Attorney’s office issued a written release detailing the roles played by the father and daughter in their crime spree. They wrote of the daughter, “Prior to each robbery, Shelby Applewhite entered the bank to learn the layout of the bank’s interior and obtain information about bank personnel, to include whether or not there was a security guard on duty. She reported all the information to John Applewhite, who used it to commit the bank robbery.”

As to the father’s role, they wrote, “In each bank robbery, John Applewhite disguised his identity by wearing a hoodie, scarf or mask, sunglasses, and gloves. He also used a dangerous weapon that he pointed at tellers, causing them to fear for their lives.”

Breitbart Texas was able to find court records dating back to 2005 on the father for similar crimes involving stealing money from banks with the use of force, but no criminal records prior. Strangely, Mr. Applewhite was in his forties before any indications of criminal behavior are obtainable.

Breitbart Texas provides the indictment against Mr. Applewhite below.

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Father and Daughter Bank Robbers Sentenced in Texas


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