Another Texas Abortion Clinic Closes After Passage of Pro-Life Legislation

Another Texas Abortion Clinic Closes After Passage of Pro-Life Legislation

Since Governor Rick Perry signed a major anti-abortion law in 2013, more than half of Texas’ abortion clinics have permanently shut down. Now another abortion clinic, the Killeen Women’s Health Center in Austin, Texas, has also been closed for failing to protect women’s health.

According to Life News, the Killeen Women’s Health Center was unable to obtain the privilege to conduct abortions under Texas’ new pro-life legislation. As a result, the clinic will be temporarily inoperable. 

A Life Dynamics spokesperson said, “Unfortunately, the clinic still schedules abortions in their Austin location where they claim that abortionist Andrew Evan Massman has local privileges.”

Life News obtained the following picture, which was reportedly posted on the abortion clinic’s front door and Facebook page: 

In March, the federal appeals court ruled that state lawmakers have the right require safer circumstances under which a woman may receive an abortion. This includes requirements such as hospital admittance privileges, upgraded procedural facilities and a ban on operations after 20 weeks. New safety laws that will subsequently go into effect later this year could reduce the number of Texas abortion clinics even further. As of September 1, 2014, abortion clinics in the state will be required to at least meet the safety standards of ambulatory surgery centers.

The March ruling has already had a tremendous impact in the closing-down of Texas abortion clinics. 

As Breitbart Texas previously reported, the number of abortion clinics in Texas has been cut in half during recent years. In 2011 there were 40 abortion clinics in the state–currently, however, there are less than 20 open.

“After the law’s last steps of implementation are taken in September, all but six are expected to close,” the National Journal reported. 

Dr. Joe Pojman, Ph.D., Executive Director of Texas Alliance for Life, told Breitbart Texas, “In recent years, laws passed in Texas have been effective in ensuring that abortions are performed in a manner that protects the health and safety of women.”  

Texas Right to Life’s Emily Horne pointed out that other U.S. states may follow suit in coming years. She told Breitbart Texas, “During the last four or five years, we have seen an immense wave of actions by state governments that said, ‘We’re a pro-life state and we want to reflect that in our laws.’ They’re tired of inaction by the federal government.”

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