Border Resident: I Can Hear Illegals 'Talking' and 'Yelling' on My Property

Border Resident: I Can Hear Illegals 'Talking' and 'Yelling' on My Property

HOUSTON, Texas–Junior Anzaldua was raised on a plot of land owned by his family on the U.S.-Mexico border in the Rio Grande Valley Sector. Illegal immigrants regularly pass through the brush-covered rural property after swimming across the Rio Grande River. While taking Breitbart Texas on a tour of the land, Anzaldua claimed that his family no longer lives there because the increasing flow of migrants has made it too dangerous.

“You can hear people talking [here]. You can hear people yelling,” he told Breitbart Texas, referring to the illegal immigrants who pass through.

Anzaldua claimed that at one point, he could see “hoards” of illegal immigrant children walking on his land. “I could see hoards of kids,” he said. “There were three of four kids I wanted to pick up and say, ‘I’m going to adopt you and take you to my wife. We’ll take you in.’ But you can’t. So the kids will just walk on by. The [agents] herd them like cattle.”

The illegal crossers have made his family’s property unlivable, Anzaldua claimed. But it’s not the children who pass through in the open who pose a threat to local residents. “We’re not worried about the illegal aliens we can see; we’re worried about the illegal aliens we can’t see,” he said. “I have yet to see an illegal alien moving marijuana through here; those are the ones that you have to be careful of. You don’t see him, but I know they’re there. They’re coming through here. At nighttime, it’s a different ballgame.”

He continued, “Forty years ago, I used to sit here, do my homework, fly some kites. This used to be so beautiful. I’m the last [in my family] to be raised here. With the elders, we used to do BBQs [here], have parties, and the elders would [tell] funny stories. But they don’t come here anymore. They say, ‘No it’s too dangerous.'”

Ultimately, Anzaldua largely blames the border crisis on President Obama. In his view, the President’s resistance to increase law enforcement along the border has only allowed the number of illegal crossers to spike. 

Anzaldua confidently concluded that the situation at the border will change for the better “as soon as people wise up and vote for another president.”

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