Mexican Marine Accused of Executing Cartel Hitman

Mexican Marine Accused of Executing Cartel Hitman

MCALLEN, Texas — Despite the Mexican government’s claims of improving security conditions, the country continues to be plagued by massacres, scandals and protests. In the most recent scandal, Mexican news outlets claim that a marine executed a cartel gunman following a shootout and pursuit just outside of Mexico City.

An eyewitness interviewed by Mexico’s Reforma newspaper claims to have seen the Marine walk up to a man that had surrendered and shoot him twice in the back. 

The shootout took place Wednesday night in Naucalpan, a town in the State of Mexico where authorities seized cash, drugs and a firearm following a tip, according to information released to Breitbart Texas by the Mexican navy. 
Mexican marines had responded to the area following a tip where men were loading bundles into a vehicle. When the marines arrived to the area, three gunmen began shooting at them according to the statement from the Mexican navy.

Authorities fought off the attack killing one gunman and injuring a second one. At a local hospital, two gunmen tried to rescue their injured comrade but authorities arrested them. 

The scandal adds fuel to the fire that is currently raging in Mexico over the kidnapping and execution by local police of 43 education students in the Mexican State of Guerrero. The backlash of the case has led to massive protests, riots, torching of buildings and even the state governor stepping down. 

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