Zetas Cartel Runs Mexican Border University Out of Town

Mexico Fights Cartels
REUTERS/Eliana Aponte

A Mexican border university has permanently closed its doors following a series of cartel threats and the apparent lack of response from Mexican authorities. This marks the latest chapter on an apparent tactic by drug cartels that have begun targeting schools.

As previously reported by Breitbart Texas, the Nuevo Laredo Campus of the Valle De Mexico University (UVM) had closed its doors earlier this year after receiving threats from Los Zetas cartel which run the Nuevo Laredo area.

The UVM had closed its doors in a temporary fashion since January, however just this week the school announced through social media and in a news release that they were permanently closing down the campus and would be working with their 700 students to see what education options are available to them.

In the border city of Reynosa, the Gulf Cartel had kidnapped the dean of the Tamaulipas Autonomous University (UAT) which is a state run university, Breitbart Texas previously reported. Since then Tamaulipas officials have not been able to rescue him or locate his body and the school already assigned a new dean.

Also in Reynosa, the Gulf Cartel had forced their Universidad Valle De Mexico campus last years after making similar threats of kidnapping and extortion.

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