Border Violence

Ten Cartel Gunmen Killed, 4 Cops Injured in Mexico During Border State Shootout

Ten cartel gunmen died, and four police officers sustained various injuries during a shootout in Mexico on a highway that connects the border city of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, with the Monterrey, Nuevo León, metropolitan area. Nuevo Laredo is tightly controlled by the Cartel del Noreste faction of Los Zetas — one of the most ruthless criminal organizations in Mexico which is responsible for thousands of kidnappings, murders, and forced disappearances.

Los Zetas Attack 1

GRAFICO FOTOS EXCLUSIVAS: Narco-Lucha Territorial Convierte a San Fernando en Zona De Guerra

Una fuerte lucha territorial entre facciones rivales del Cártel del Golfo ha convertido a una de las principales ciudades de Tamaulipas en una zona de guerra, donde se han enfrentado convoyes de sicarios en vehículos blindados mientras las autoridades mexicanas continúan afirmando que el estado es seguro y que la violencia en un mito difundido a través de las redes sociales.

San Fernando Main

VIDEO: Cartel Gunmen Clash with Mexican Soldiers at Texas Border

Cartel gunmen and Mexican Army soldiers clashed right at the Texas border in a fierce shootout where three gunmen died. The gunfight spread terror among motorists trying to cross one of the area’s international ports of entry. The shootout is one of several clashes that have taken place in that location as rival factions of the Gulf Cartel fight for control of the region, while government officials in Mexico try to minimize the situation and claim all is safe.


Mexican Government Silent on Border City Raid Targeting Cartel Boss’s Son

Mexican authorities remain tight-lipped about a weekend raid in the border city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, targeting the son of a top regional Gulf Cartel boss. The quietness behind the raid led locals to speculate if the move could be an attempt to negotiate a deal in order to stop the recent turf war between rival factions of the Gulf Cartel plaguing the border region.

Matamoros Raid 4

Gulf Cartel Continues Border Turf War Despite Mexican Government’s Claims of Regional Safety

In the Mexican border cities of Reynosa and Matamoros, locals are locking themselves in their homes as soon as the sun goes down due to an ongoing war between rival factions of the Gulf Cartel. The renewed fighting led to more than a week of fighting in several parts of the state of Tamaulipas despite an intense effort by state and federal authorities to deny the violence and minimize what they can’t hide.

Matamoros Soldiers

Son of Gulf Cartel Kingpin Gets U.S. Prison Time on Gun Trafficking Charges

The son of the ultimate leader of the Gulf Cartel will spend more than eight years in a U.S. prison for coordinating the shipment of weapons into Mexico for the criminal organization once led by his father. He was on supervised release at the time of his arrest. The narco-heir has a long history of prior convictions on weapons charges and is currently facing multiple charges in a Texas court for a violent stabbing in the border city of Brownsville.


Mexico Arrests FBI Fugitive Behind Alleged Cartel Execution in Dallas Area

Mexican authorities arrested a drug lord who is listed as one of the FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitives for his alleged role in ordering the murder of a government informant in a Dallas suburb. On Saturday afternoon Mexican authorities arrested Jose Rodolfo “El Gato” Villarreal, in Mexico City, information released by Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office (FGR) revealed.

El Gato