Race Activists Try to Exploit Texas Biker Shootout, Fail

Waco Shooting
AP Photo/Jerry Larson

Black Lives Matter activists on Twitter wasted absolutely no time trying to twist Sunday’s Waco, Texas gun battle between biker gang members into a story that fits their narrative of perpetual, systematic racism against black Americans.

The chaos in Waco that left 9 gang members dead and 18 other people injured appeared to involve almost exclusively white people, a fact that many black activists seized upon to draw comparisons between the treatment by the police and media of whites vs. blacks in America.

Prominent Ferguson activist Shaun King tweeted:

Which elicited this angry response:

Until someone pointed out:

WacoTrib.com reported that police had been monitoring the situation developing with the gangs for weeks.

There is a very significant increase in law enforcement in McLennan County right now, Swanton said. Local, county, state and federal agencies are involved in investigations into the biker gangs. DPS and intelligence agents were working on the investigation long before today and Waco police have been aware of the inquest for more than a month, said Swanton.

So far, there has been no outcry from white groups or the media that police were racist to target the white biker gangs. The cries of racism continued unabated by hashtag activists on Twitter, however.


Meanwhile in Chicago, 39 people were wounded over the weekend and one killed. In one drive-by, 81-year-old great-grandmother Iola Buress and her 34-year-old grandson were shot.

However, since it was just another weekend in Chicago, there appear to have been no protests from the #BlackLivesMatter crowd.


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