Motorcycle Community Revs Up for Protests Over ‘The Waco 170’

Patriotic Motorcycle
Photo: AP

As unanswered questions and controversy mount over the shooting outside a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas, there is a growing movement by motorcycle riders to protest what they see as troubling overreach by the authorities.

Breitbart Texas has previously reported on a number of inconsistencies in the story that Waco Police have told about the deadly incident. There’s a growing awareness that there seems to be much more to the story than originally reported, and bikers are taking action.

The Confederation of Clubs and Independents (CoC&I) — a political group focused on biker rights — has issued a Call To Action, urging citizens to contact law enforcement and politicians. The CoC&I has a direct connection to the Waco events, because the shooting happened outside their scheduled meeting at Twin Peaks. As the group says on its webpage:

This was a Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting solely intended to discuss legal and political issues. It was not, as has been reported, a gang meeting to discuss turf.  COC meetings have been occurring in Texas and nationwide for decades without a single violent incident. The myth being purported is simply false.

Video from inside the restaurant clearly shows the vast majority of bikers running away from the shooting and even helping civilians get to safety. Remember, law enforcement was on the scene and should have a clear picture of aggressors and victims. This should not be a guessing game.  But it appears that the Waco PD arrested the majority of eyewitnesses and rights activists present at a publicly promoted political event.

In addition to online and phone activism, other bikers are calling for live, peaceful protests.

One event coming up is the “All 4 1 Waco Freedom Ride” scheduled for June 7th. A flyer promoting the ride says the demonstration will begin at 8:30am, when participants will ride into, around, and through Waco “over and over and over again” until finally gathering at 12:30 at the McLennan County Courthouse.

The event’s flyer makes it clear that the bikers plan a lawful event and will avoid making trouble with local law enforcement, saying:

We will stop at every Stop Sign.

We will stop at every Red Light.

We will obey the speed limit.

We will Abide by all traffic Laws.

We encourage The American Flag.

We discourage all Weapons.

KCEN-TV spoke to some involved in the All-For-1 rally, focusing on the issue of mass arrests and the continuing incarceration of bikers who were at the Twin Peaks on that fateful day.

“These innocent people need to be released from jail. They need to go back to their families and their lives,” said Marni Gilbert, a rider who has six friends and family members sitting in jail. “Their families are at a loss. They are losing their jobs and their livelihoods.”

On May 24th, a small gathering of about a dozen bikers and supporters gathered in Waco to protest, holding signs that read “Due Process” and “Honk 4 Justice.”


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