FBI Arrests ISIS Supporter in Cleveland


Federal agents have arrested a U.S. citizen who pledged his support for ISIS, and talked to terror supporters about carrying out attacks in America.

On Friday morning FBI agents in Cleveland arrested 38-year-old Robert McCollum, who changed his name to Amir Said Abdul Rahman Al-Ghazi earlier this year after pledging his support to ISIS and Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi via social media, court records obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed.

A U.S. magistrate judge formally charged McCollum with trying to provide material support to the Islamic State, drug trafficking, and for being a felon in possession of a firearm. The judge denied bond in his case.

According to the 33-page probable cause affidavit filed by prosecutors, McCollum used multiple Twitter accounts in an effort to promote ISIS and push others into joining the group. McCollum also tried to make videos supporting the criminal organization.

McCollum spoke with various confidential sources through social media about his desire to carry out a terrorist attack in America.  Even though he was a convicted felon and not able to own a firearm, he was able to get his hands on a .45 caliber handgun, and had been trying to purchase an AK-47.

In one attempt, McCollum met with the friend of a relative in order to purchase an AK-47, but when the man asked him if he had any convictions, the sale fell through. The owner of the gun refused to sell the weapon to a McCollum since he was a felon.

McCollum tried to purchase an AK-47 with a wood stock from other individuals, and when a confidential source asked him about the possibility of getting arrested for an illegal weapon purchase, he responded that he intended to “follow Islamic Law, so (expletive) them.”

He said that if the police kicked his door in, he didn’t know if he would be able to pull the trigger: “Do you Allahu Akbar and make it happen? … I don’t know.”

While McCollum failed in his efforts to purchase an AK-47 illegally, when FBI agents raided his house they did find a loaded.45 caliber Taurus handgun, a sword, and an ISIS flag.

“It is clear that no area is immune from the influence of ISIL and its recruitment machine,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Stephen D. Anthony.  “We hope this arrest will serve as a strong message to others who may consider providing support to terrorists.”

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