Texas Woman Busted with 100 Pounds of Meth Hidden in Candy and Sodas

Photo: Alabama Bureau of Investigations

A one million dollar bond is keeping a Texas woman from San Benito in jail — in Baldwin County, Alabama. She was arrested for allegedly trafficking illegal drugs packaged in sports drinks and lollipops.

The woman is Graciela Mora, 43 years old, and she was pulled over last week in what State Troopers are calling “a routine traffic stop” on Interstate 65, just north of Mobile, according to a report on AL.com. She was stopped by the troopers for an “illegal lane change”, or not using her blinker.

During the stop to write a ticket, the troopers noticed several cases of soft drinks or sports drinks on the back seat, and large quantity of snacks and candy, including bags of lollipops.

That totaled up to 64 pounds of beverages, and 43 pounds of candy and snacks, all containing various levels of methamphetamines. The routine traffic stop turned just that quickly into a major narcotics case, with State Bureau of Investigation narcotics officers arriving on-scene to do a field test and bag the products as evidence.

The candy coated meth and other drug laced products were put on display at the Baldwin County Sheriff’s office in Bay Minette.

Ms. Mora was placed in the Baldwin County jail charged with trafficking in methamphetamine. The judge set the bond at $1,000,000.

The State Troopers are releasing no additional information, including Ms. Mora’s immigration status, affiliations in Texas or where she was planning on selling the meth-laced goodies. Their only response was that the products are being tested at a state lab for the level or concentration of meth.

The State of Alabama is currently dealing with major budget issues, and the Secretary of Law Enforcement Spencer Collier was quick to turn this unexpected bust into political hay. In a statement reported by NBC-Local15, Collier stated, “Alabama State Troopers patrol the roadways of Alabama every day and frequently encounter drivers with narcotics and other illegal items. This discovery is particularly troubling because of the large amounts of methamphetamines that have been concealed in packaging that targets children.”

And in using this bust to make his case, Spencer appealed to voters to make phone calls to their Representatives or Senators. “Alabama State Troopers protect the citizens of Alabama and proposed legislative budget cuts of 22 to 47 percent will have a detrimental effect on our agency,” he said. “We ask that citizens contact their legislators and ask them to support Governor Bentley’s solution to the budget crisis and put our state on a strong path forward.”

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