Mexico’s President Nearly Drops Revered Presidential Sash in Video Message

Mexican Presidential Sash
AP File Photo/Alexandre Meneghini

Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto became the butt of many jokes when he nearly dropped the country’s presidential sash. The incident came moments after he posted a short video message in preparation for his third state of the country address.

In the short video message, broadcast in the social media platform Periscope and then uploaded to his Facebook page, Pena Nieto came close to dropping the presidential sash. The sash is considered to be a highly revered national icon, particularly among historians and military veterans.

The sash bears Mexico’s coat of arms in the middle of the red white and green colors of the Mexican flag. As per Mexican law, only the president is allowed to wear the sash, which is seen as a symbol of continuity in the government.

During his short video Pena Nieto held the sash as he spoke to the camera about the significance of his upcoming address. He then turned around to place it on his desk and the sash began to slide down the desk.

It didn’t take long for Mexican media and individuals on social media to begin mocking Pena Nieto on his mishap. The newest gaffe comes as Mexico’s security conditions continue alarm and the economy worsens with the value of the Peso dropping more and more each day.

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