Texas Family Held for Ransom in Border Home

Tony Webster/Flickr
Tony Webster/Flickr

LA FERIA, Texas — A group of heavily armed gunmen stormed a Texas yet another border home as they searched for cash. This time, the gunmen were dressed as cops and held the family for ransom.

The robbery took place last week in this small city located between Harlingen and McAllen, La Feria Police confirmed to Breitbart Texas.

During that robbery, three gunmen wearing police t-shirts barged into a home, put the family in plastic zip ties, and demanded $20,000. Since the family couldn’t pay the money, the gunmen beat the father with a pipe and stole the family car.

“What I saw last night, I don’t want to see another one,” La Feria Police Chief Don Garcia told a local TV station KRGV.

Gunmen storming into homes demanding cash or drugs has become a common occurrence along the various border cities that make up the area known as Rio Grande Valley.

In October, La Feria was the scene of another large scale robbery when a team of gunmen raided another house looking for cash, Breitbart Texas reported. During that home invasions, the gunmen tied up the people inside the house and tried to run away as authorities arrived. This set off a massive manhunt where SWAT teams combed the neighborhoods searching for the gunmen.

Just days after that October home invasion, another team of gunmen stormed a house just a few miles east in the city of Harlingen, Breitbart Texas reported.

Unlike regular home burglaries, these home invasions deal with teams of gunmen some who dress as cops storming into houses they believe are being used to store cartel cash or drugs. While most of the home invasions target the homes of criminals, there have been several cases where as Breitbart Texas reported, the gunmen have stormed the wrong house and innocents have been hurt.

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