FLASHBACK: Armed Black Panthers Shout ‘Off the Pigs’ Shortly Before 2015 Execution of Texas Deputy

Members of armed and uniformed New Black Black Panthers Party march on Waller County jail.
Photo: Breitbart Texas/Bob Price

It was less than one year ago that a group of armed members of the New Black Panther Party stood in front of the Waller County Jail shouting “Off the Pigs” and “Oink Oink… Bang Bang!” Two weeks later, Harris County Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth would be executed by alleged suspect Shannon Miles, a black man.

Breitbart Texas stood between the armed Black Panthers and deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Patrol who were in Waller County to help protect the jail where Sandra Bland died. The suicide of Sandra Bland sparked a local Black Lives Matter Protest where black activists were calling for the lynching of white people.

During the march, one of the group’s leaders shouted, “You’re gonna stop doing what you’re doing, or we will start creeping up on you in the darkness.” Two weeks later, Miles allegedly did exactly that as he reportedly shot Deputy Goforth fifteen times in the back and head.

The deceased suspect in the Dallas shooting reportedly “Liked” the New Black Panther Party on his Facebook page, Breitbart California’s Michelle Moons reported on Friday. Moons wrote:

A Facebook page that the Daily Beast identified as Johnson’s indicates he was a fan of Elijah Mohammed, the deceased leader of the Nation of Islam. Johnson also reportedly liked the New Black Panther Party, the African American Defense League, and the Black Riders Liberation Party.

Earlier on Friday, Texas Lt. Governor said the hatred towards police officers on social media needs to stop during an interview on Fox News Channel.

“I do blame people on social media with their hatred toward police,” Lt. Governor Patrick said. “I saw Jessie Jackson on calling police racist without any facts. I do blame former Black Lives Matter protests. … We’ve heard the ‘pigs in a blanket’ (comments).” Those comments and more can be heard in the Breitbart Texas video above.

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