School District Demands ‘Safe Zones’ for Migrant Students

Sanctuary Campus Protest - AP File Photo by Nathan Lambrecht-The Monitor
AP File Photo: Nathan Lambrecht-The Monitor

The Tacoma Public School Superintendent is now demanding “safe zones” for migrant students after President Donald Trump’s immigration executive orders were signed earlier last week.

Superintendent Carla Santorno told parents of the Tacoma School District in a letter, that she would like to see safe zones for students so they can be hidden from federal immigration officials, should authorities show up to any schools looking to deport them.

“Our schools will be a safe zone for immigrant students to learn and thrive,” Santorno wrote. “The diversity of our student body, our community and our staff is a strength that benefits all of us and should be celebrated. Our rich cultures and the more than 70 different languages spoken in our schools provides all children with the opportunity to learn from others with dissimilar backgrounds and recognizes our common humanity.”

Santorno also said the Tacoma Public School Board would be reviewing a resolution that would further help provide migrants with a “safe zone.”

“Every school has been directed to provide a safe, private location where students may seek assistance, information, and support related to any immigration law enforcement that interferes with their learning experience,” Santorno continued. “To support this work, our School Board is evaluating a Resolution in support of every student, every day in an equitable and inclusive environment.”

“We will continue providing all students their legal right to access free public K-12 education, regardless of their religion, their place of birth, their language, their citizenship, their immigration status, their parents’ status or any other legally protected characteristics,” Santorno wrote in the letter.

The Tacoma Public School District is one of the first education systems promising to protect migrants with a physical safe zone for them, echoing similar strategies by universities across the country which have promised to be “sanctuary campuses”.

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